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10 Badass Cars for the Everyday Gangster

Posted by on May 24, 2016

Cadillac Unveils Ciel Concept Vehicle At Pebble Beach


Getting into your car, your dream car, does something to your self esteem and confidence.   So here are 10 cars to aspire to, or if you already have one of them, here are a few more to get.

The car above is a hybrid, believe it or not, and has the following features for the environmentally and luxury minded:

With its massive 125 inch wheelbase, the Ciel combines the classic looks of a luxury convertible cruiser with a powerful silhouette featuring suicide doors that open up to make it super easy for gangsters to exit and enter the beautifully sculpted leather seats while, uh, working. A twin-tubro V6 hybrid pumps out a respectable 425hp.

Follow the link below for more cars.


Photo credit to Cadillac.

via http://www.dmarge.com/2015/01/10-badass-cars-everyday-gangster.html

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