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10 Drinks and What They (Might) Say About You

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016


Do you think your drink says something your personality?  While it isn’t a scientific method, a woman knowledgeable about drinks shares what she thinks the drink may say about you based on your drink of choice.  If your drink is Jack Daniels:

Drinking it on the rocks, perhaps with a bit of water, just like Frank Sinatra, eh? We’ll think you’re old-fashioned, masculine, a bit reserved (and hopefully not a cad like Ol’ Blue Eyes).

Follow the link to see if you make a favorable impression, at least to this woman.


Photo credit to Stefan Krause/Wikimedia Commons.

via http://dappered.com/2016/03/10-drinks-and-what-they-might-say-about-you/

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