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15 Forgotten Thanksgiving Dishes

Posted by on Nov 23, 2016


Thanksgiving is a tradition defined by getting food, preparing food, eating food, recycling food, and then regretting the amount of food you may have eaten.  In between, there is family and gratitude.  The food however, inadvertently takes priority.  Here are some forgotten meals from the past that you can think about adding to next year’s menu, or maybe adding it to the gratitude list that it’s no longer there.


Texturally, boiled bread is similar to a bagel or pretzel, in that it’s soft and chewy. Taste-wise, it’s a lot different: It’s a mix of cornmeal, flour, dried berries (like cranberries, blueberries, or currants—or a mix of all three), and crushed nuts or seeds. The mixture is then formed into patties, dropped into a pot of boiling water, and considered “done” when it floats to the top.

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