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17 Ways to Ease Back-to-School

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016


School is coming and here are a few tricks to ease the transition from carefree summer days to the structured order of school.  Good advice for parents here.  For instance, if your child says ‘I don’t want to go to school’ but actually means that there’s a social issue they’re trying to avoid, they give the following advice:

Social worries are huge for kids and can cause a lot of anxiety about the start of school. “If something happened last year, they’re probably thinking that more of the same is going to happen,” says Peters. There’s a lot you can do, though. Find out before his first day if his friends are going to be in his class, and if they’re not, prepare him for that by talking over whom he can eat lunch with and making plans for after school. See if you can have a late-summer playdate to reconnect him with some of the kids he likes, or even arrange to have breakfast on the first day of school with his best friend and his best friend’s mom. The more he knows about what’s coming up, the better he’ll feel.

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via http://www.parenting.com/article/17-ways-to-ease-back-to-school

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