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5 Comedians Who Made Smoking Cigars Look Cool On and Off the Stage

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016



It makes sense that comedians, who by profession make it a point to question cultural and societal standards, know how make cigars look cool and effortless.  And no one personified that more than George Burns, who we think should have taken the number one spot, with no offense or disrespect intended towards the number one choice in the article.

Now some comedians keep their cigar life off stage, but for iconic comedian George Burns, he found a way to incorporate it in his stand-up. The late comedian, who passed in 1996 at the age of 100, was known to have a cigar in hand at all times—from his live performances to interviews. Burns was reported to have smoked 10 to 15 cigars in a given day. And if you weren’t convinced that his love for cigars were serious, Burns last wish was to be buried by 3 of his favorite cigars.

Follow the link below for more comedians who know how to smoke cigars right.


Photo credit to Tailored Smoke.

via http://comedyhype.com/5-comedians-who-made-smoking-cigars-look-cool/

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