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Beers and their glasses…

Posted by on Dec 9, 2013

Welcome back to another entry, this time we will be discussing glasses to enjoy different types of craft beers.  The increase in different types of ales and different palettes brings a whole new way of approaching your fine beverage.

First we will start with the types of bottling methods. The two primary types are:

  • Can
  • Bottle


Each of these have different purposes and trade offs, but that is for another entry.  Once we have decided on the type, next step is picking the proper pint to enjoy the beverage the most.  There are multiple types of glassware around the world, we will talk about these:

  • Pub
  • Belgian
  • Pilsner
  • Stout


Before we get into these types, you are probably wondering, why not have it out of the bottling device it came in.  Two main reasons

  1. The potential light headed feeling from the small opening of the bottle.
  2. The inability to let the beer breathe and get the notes, similar to wine or hard liqueurs.

Pub also known as the pint

PintA traditional glass type and one quite common in a restaurant setting. This type provides ample opportunity to let the ale “air out” and provide a nice way to enjoy, typically sip, your beverage.  Which is also usually in a frosted setting to help cool the ale…we will discuss temperature at a later time.  For any beer you are trying, this is a great default glass.

Good beers to have in this glass

  • Dales pale ale
  • Victory hop devil
  • Yuengling lager
  • Founders breakfast stout


There are more, but when I enjoy the above I go to my pint selection.  And remember always get a fresh glass between pours to get the best experience and never mix different ales in same glass…it will dampen and possibly ruin the experience.


The Belgian

belgianA glass typically associated with wines and scotches, this glass type has made a great transition to the ale industry.

The number one thing I enjoy about this glass is the aroma potential. Ales that have strong floral notes and hops are great for this type. Plus it is always fun to hold the glass at the base for optimal experience.

Some ales I always drink out of this are:

  1. Sierra Nevada torpedo
  2. 120 minute ipa by dogfish
  3. Goose island sofie


The Pilsner

PilsnerThe more airy and light ales are in this category of glasses. Some of the ales in this area are more of a fruity type and ciders. My exposure to this category is limited, but will be expanding the knowledge over time.


stoutThe Stout

The winter beers! A great hearty drink with a very hearty glass. The wide open mouth and the richness of beers lend itself to this glass design.  The list of drinks that work best in this glass type are:

  1. Sierra Nevada porter
  2. Anchor porter
  3. Samuel smith taddy porter




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A person who enjoys the culture of craft ales and the hand made cigar industry with a deep appreciation. My desire and respect help spread this love while building a network to help learn and educate all participating in the community. I enjoy this journey and hope all who read my material find this same appreciation.

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  1. Glass design is a science and anyone who is skeptical should open a bottle of wine and pour a glass in a plastic solo cup and the proper wine glass and taste/smell the difference.

  2. T_herrm,

    My point exactly! The association with beer and being just another beverage is no longer the case.

  3. I asked, and I received!

    Thanks for posting this, Chris. I’ve marked the Sofie to try.

  4. It’s amazing how much the craft beer movement has poured on the success over the last couple years. Beer needs to be poured out in the right glass. Just had my self some Goose Island Bourbon County on tap. Nice article!!

  5. Great job Chris and it was great to spend some time together in NYC. You truly are my favorite fascist.

  6. Chris – Can I just call you next time I have a beer? I never know what glass to use!

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