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A Completely Insane 4,500 HP Supercar Will Be Released This Fall

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016

Devel Sixteen concept. Photo: Devel


Like something out of the future, or out of Batman’s cave comes the Devel Sixteen, with an output so prodigious that it’s not yet actually possible to measure its actual power, only that it exceeds 4,000 and that it’s likely at 4,500.

From the article:

The engine’s fundamental design is modeled on that of the General Motors small block V8, but the Sixteen’s engine block, crankshaft, camshaft, heads and intake manifold are all custom-made and not repurposed. The gigantic 81 mm turbochargers look big enough to provide jet thrust in addition to pumping up the engine’s intake.

Well, if you have a few million lying around doing nothing, it would be a good time to buy!


Photo credit to Devel.

via  http://www.maxim.com/rides/dubai-devel-sixteen-supercar-2016-3

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