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Bodega Premium Blends (BPB) offers cigars that embody our passion and commitment to the cigar smoking experience.  Our philosophy is to capture how and when people smoke cigars and reflect the true essence of this experience in our blends.

The four founders of Bodega Premium Blends weren’t born in Central America. Their blending pedigree stems from passion and vision, not birth right. Maybe it’s their busy family lives, or the harshness of their northern climate but the guys at BPB understand the value of time and the relevance of the cigar experience.  Check out a bit about each member of the BPB Team.

Cigar_G, President and CEO

gino3Better known to those in the cigar world by his Twitter handle @Cigar_G, Gino is the leader of the Bodega Boys.  His social media savvy and love for everything cigars are two of the reasons we are where we are.  G’s vision for Bodega is to produce the most dynamic and exciting new blends for all cigar lovers.

Shy Ronnie, Chief Brand Officer and Wordsmith

RonRon is our resident cigar aficionado.  His tobacco knowledge was instrumental in getting our flavor profiles just right.  He is the person ultimately accountable for each blend – no small responsibility.  In addition to his mastery of the cigar, Shy Ronnie is also a master with the pen.  He’s always writing away, sharing his introspective side in much of our Bodega literature.

Lowball, Chief Relationship Officer and Fun Master

stephane2Stephane is no newcomer to running a business and knows what it takes to market effectively and build long lasting relationships.  An accomplished entrepreneur, he has his eyes set on establishing Bodega as a real player in the cigar industry. His passion for cigars and fine wines are two reasons why he assumed the role of ‘fun master’.  Pretty good title to have!

Cig_R, Chief Strategy Officer and Controller of the Money

robRob is also an entrepreneur to the core, spending the last 10 years growing and selling a successful communications firm.  The skills he honed over the years will be instrumental in helping guide the ship and making sure Bodega is operationally and financially sound.  Rob is ultimately responsible for controlling the money, an important check and balance on Stephane’s tendency to spend it freely.

Our signature line – Reunión – is designed around fellowship – gathering, connectedness and friendship.  It is manufactured in Nicaragua, a country that has emerged as a rising star in the cigar world.

About Nicaragua

map-nicaraguaNicaragua is the largest country in Central America with a climate and soils conducive to growing some of the world’s finest tobacco. Tobacco shipments have grown continuously, soaring from 33 million in 2003 to 102 million in 2012. It is the second largest producer of premium cigars and according to Cigar Aficionado (CA) is poised to end 2013 as the number one producer by volume for the US market. “The shift is a sign of the changing tastes of connoisseurs, who are flocking to the fuller flavors of Nicaraguan tobacco.”