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Reunión Aperitivo


Aperitivo is Spanish for Apéritif. Typically it refers to either “a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage that is specifically served before a meal, or with a small appetizer. In the culinary arts, the purpose of an apéritif is to stimulate or arouse the appetite.”

In Bodega Premium Blends’ binary concept of Reunión, Aperitivo is also used in just this sense but as it relates to the enjoyment of a cigar before the meal. Paired with coffee or a pre meal spirit, Aperitivo hits its mark.

Whether that meal is center stage to a simple gathering or one of life’s important occasions, Reunión Aperitivo’s proprietary blend from Nicaragua is the exquisite way to truly own the night.

With Habano Claro wrapper (3rd priming) from Jalapa, the Aperitivo distinguishes itself not only visually from the Digestivo but also by its strength and its flavor profile. Black pepper, earthy and barnyard notes abound. The Aperitivo’s filler is a combination from Jalapa and Condega. The binder is proprietary.

In an industry first, Bodega Premium Blends launches Reunión Aperitivo with a complementary creation Digestivo. Launched in combined 20 cigar count boxes, Reunión Aperitivo is offered in three vitolas:

Toro 6 x 52
Double Robusto 5 x 54
Corona Gorda 5.5 x 46

Bodega Premium Blends mission with its Reunión line isn’t a simple one. We wanted, on one hand, to Reunite what we believe to be the industry’s two newest, exciting and rewarding blends – Aperitivo and Digestivo; on the other hand, and more importantly to the four founders, we wanted to Reunite the enthusiast to his or her cigar experience. We wanted to embody the state of being that all cigar devotees feel when surrounded by each other – Fellowship.