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Bodega NY Launch Party

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013

There’s little doubt that the term Reunión signifies bringing together. In the case of Bodega Premium Blends (BPB), Reunión brings two blends together; Aperitivo & Digestivo. It embodies the significance of a special moment. And it’s responsible for bringing four friends together in a venture aimed at marking moments in life.

On December 4th, 2013 however, the launch of the Reunión brand was the rationale for a gathering of another type of importance. Nat Sherman Townhouse was the scene for BPB’s first important milestone. As friends, partners and industry alumni assembled, they were treated to what can only be described as the true Reunión experience.  Have a look at some of the highlights…


As attendees entered the lower level of NYC’s historic location, they were greeted by G, Rob, Ron and Steph. The BPB founders encouraged patrons to light the Reunión Apertivo. Both spirits and a multitude of coffees prepared by a barista were offered as pairings to the Aperitivo. Towards the rear of the room, Stephane had selected several types of central american tapas for guests to enjoy.

Then, the guys addressed the room one by one speaking to the genesis of Bodega Premium Blends. They spoke about their relationship with House of Emilio and the concept around the Reunión brand. Blends for both the Aperitivo and Digestivo were discussed.  Conversations around the symbolism of the tree of life logo were sparked. A new and interactive web approach that focuses on building a community was explained briefly to the invitees. Lastly, CEO and co-founder Gino aka Cigar_G took to the podium with a heart felt piece: “The cigar industry is like no other. You are not divided by race, religion, social status or political views. Cigar smokers share a bond that is second to none. Some of the best times – my wedding, birth of my kids, landing that big job – have been celebrated with the help of these beautiful man made treasures. With Reunión we find ourselves truly blessed to be able to invest in all of your life’s moments!”

Finally, patrons were asked to experience the Digestivo, the maduro cousin. Of the three vitolas offered in the Reunión lineup, it was the 5 x 54 double robusto that was chosen for this launch event.  Spirits such as Port, Bourbon, Scotch and Rum were offered as pairings.  As a parting gift, guests were offered a gift bag containing an exclusive Reunión blogger box (Aperitivo and Digestivo in each of the three vitolas) as well as a BPB branded butane lighter.

In brief, the Reunión launch event was one of BPB life’s moments. An important gathering of friends, where a fellowship enjoyed pre and post meal offerings as selected by the newest addition to the premium cigar world – Bodega Premium Blends.

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Chief Brand Officer at Bodega Premium Blends
Ron is our resident cigar aficionado. His tobacco knowledge was instrumental in getting our flavor profiles just right. He is the person ultimately accountable for each blend – no small responsibility. In addition to his mastery of the cigar, Shy Ronnie is also a master with the pen. He’s always writing away, sharing his introspective side in much of our Bodega literature.

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  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Congrats to all of you guys.

  2. I really hate that I couldn’t be there for this. Congratulations to all of you guys!

  3. Thanks guys

  4. Just reflecting on all the fun I had missed out on. Hope to meet the Bodega team at the next event.

  5. Had the pleasure to sample Digestivo. Solid stick boyz!

  6. Congratulations on your event I wish I was there to taste

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