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Building a Cigar Room

Posted by on Jan 13, 2015


I built my cigar room as a separate room in my basement. The idea was to make the room completely self contained so none of the cigar smoke would make it to any other point in the house.

The cigar room itself is 8 feet by 12 feet. The room has a dry walled ceiling and wall sconces for lighting to keep smoke from exiting through any light fixtures in the ceiling. I put in hardwood floors and leather chair seating to minimize the absorption of smoke within the room itself.

The room is designed to be as close to airtight as possible. The premise of the room is to exhaust the air in the room and constantly bring in fresh air to ensure smoke never lingers. The approach is fairly simplistic, but is very effective.


View From Inside

The cigar room has a 5 foot wide window that looks into the main room of the basement. This allows you to be in the cigar and enjoy watching the 50″ TV that’s wall mounted in the main room. I also put speakers in the cigar room that feed from the main room so you can hear everything from the TV in perfect clarity. I installed a volume control in the cigar room so you can independently control how loud/quiet the sound is.


Ducting Setup

The first challenge was to make sure smoke leaves via the exhaust fan to the outside of the house and not into the rest of the house. To do this I installed automatic duct dampers that close off the HVAC ducting and open up the fresh air intake ducting when you enter the room. There is one place to exit the smoke (exhaust fan) and one place to bring new air in from (fresh air intake). Both the exhaust fan and the fresh air intake have hoods that I installed to the outside of my house in my backyard that you can see in the pictures. The fresh air intake was an ordered item and the exhaust fan hood I had specialty made since the sizing I wanted was very specific.

In Michigan the fresh air coming in during the winters can be chilly to say the least, so I installed a duct heater into the fresh air intake. This unit has heating coils that temper the air as it comes in. There is a temperature sensor installed into the ducting so the unit only activates when the fresh air temperature drops below a certain point.

In addition to exhausting the air I put in a Csonka air purifier, which produces O2 for the room. This unit just ensures the odor of smoke does not linger in the room after the smoke is exhausted. The combination of this with the exhaust fan is perfect. You could smoke for hours on end, but within a few minutes of being done never know someone smoked in the room.



Room Controls

The cigar room has one main set of controls. The unit on the far left is the variable speed control for the exhaust fan. You can dial it to however strong you want the exhaust fan to be.

The next two switches are the on/off for the Csonka O2 purifier and the electronic duct dampers. When you turn on the duct damper switch it automatically closes the ducting that goes to the rest of the house for heating and cooling and opens up the fresh air intake duct. The next control moving to the right is the dimmer for the wall lights in the room.

The final control is the speaker volume control. This lets you adjust the volume of the speakers just inside the cigar room, which get their audio from the TV in the main room.



Leather Chairs

The end result is many a night we turn on the plasma TV and watch Tigers games as we comfortably sit in our cigar room and enjoy a few cigars.With how much time I spend in the cigar room I wanted to make it feel nice and comfortable. The room has three leather chairs, which have wooden arm rests so you can put a drink or an ash try on them. I put an end table in the corner to put a couple humidors on and other misc stuff such as my cigar cutters. My brother was nice enough to furnish the room with some cigar related art work as a birthday gift and also made the table you see in the center of the room. The painting on the wall was done by a friend as a gift for the room.


Photo credits to Ryan Deyer

via http://www.ryandeyer.com/cigar-room/about-cigar-room/

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