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Caption Contest Winner

Posted by on Dec 25, 2013

GcontestOur first contest is over.  The winner is paola, who just happens to be Cigar_G’s mom.  We reached paola today – actually she was visiting Gino – and she graciously offered to give the Blogger’s Box to our 2nd place finisher #classymovebymom.  So our winner is t_herrm.  Congratulations!  Here were their captions:

  1. paola:  Question: ” do You know why Italian boys wear pink pants?”  Answer: “so they can look more like their mamma”
  2. t_herrm:  I don’t really like the color either but they keep people from staring at my bald head.

t_herrm, keep a look out for your Blogger’s Box coming soon!

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  1. Congrats! Mrs Domanico is going to win all of the contests, isn’t she? Funny lady!

  2. That’s just awesome!!

  3. Thanks again guys. Cant wait to give them a try.

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