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Contests are fun and we like fun!  In this section we set up the contest, you participate, and we award prizes to the winners.  The rules are pretty simple.  Keep it clean, keep it fun and keep the entries coming.  Depending on the contest you might be asked to upload videos, pictures or share your ideas and insight.

The winner is the contestant who gets the highest score.  Your score is calculated by the number of thumbs up votes less thumbs down votes. At the start of each contest we’ll tell you the prize and how long the contest will last.

Scroll down to see the latest contest and good luck!

Caption This Photo Contest

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

Caption This Photo Contest
Our first contest is over.  The winner is paola, who just happens to be Cigar_G’s mom.  We reached paola today – actually she was visiting at Gino’s house – and she graciously offered to give the Blogger’s Box to our second place finisher... Read More