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Caption This Photo Contest

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

Our first contest is over.  The winner is paola, who just happens to be Cigar_G’s mom.  We reached paola today – actually she was visiting at Gino’s house – and she graciously offered to give the Blogger’s Box to our second place finisher #classymovebymom.  So our winner is t_herrm.  Congratulations!  Here were the respective captions:

  1. paola:  Question: ” do You know why Italian boys wear pink pants?”  Answer: “so they can look more like their mamma”
  2. t_herrm:  I don’t really like the color either but they keep people from staring at my bald head.


t_herrm, keep a look out for your Blogger’s Box coming soon!




  1. 0

    You think my pants are wild, look at the guy in the white shirt over my left shoulder.

  2. 0

    Has anyone seen my blender??

  3. 0

    One of the perks of being color blind. You have a good excuse for your fashion faux pas.

  4. 1

    No I didn’t forget a button. This way it shows off my sexy man cleavage

  5. -1

    Did that guy just flash me!!!

  6. 0

    Ok this time I’m going to act like I’m surprised and unaware you were going to take my picture. Last one I swear. This will be great for the website.

  7. -1

    Those are one hot pair of pants…said no one ever.

  8. -2

    Best selfie EVER!!!

  9. 1

    Always steal the chick’s pants after you sleep with her. Chicks love it when you steal their pants.

  10. -4

    Look bitch, I have to order those shoes NOW!

  11. -2

    Man you should see my shoes!!

  12. -1

    Pssst… Look at the lady behind me!!

  13. 6

    Question: ” do You know why Italian boys wear pink pants?”
    Answer: “so they can look more like their mamma”

    • HaHa Thats funny!!

    • Very nice mother.

      • Please tell me that’s actually your mom!

        • It sure is

          • That is pretty awesome. And I think we have a winner!!

          • That makes my day!

  14. -3

    Superman and Batman were taken. Cotton Candy Avenger was the only costume left.

  15. -2

    No officer, I don’t have ID. Where would I put it.

  16. -2

    Lead singer of “Right Said Fred” was spotted and apparently he wasn’t “too sexy for his shirt”. However, his pants is another story.

  17. -1

    Parachute pamfa, a smartphone and a Bodega Premium Bkend #Winning

  18. 1

    What? The hooker stole my pants.

  19. 0

    “Whadda ya want me to do? The sign said “Women’s pants, half off”. I HAD to go in. Once I realized what the sign meant, I had to buy SOMETHING or risk being THAT guy!”

  20. -2

    Our first release in the “Fishing Cigar” line, Salmon.

  21. 0

    Touch the stogie and I’ll kick your ASH…!!!!

  22. -2

    You’re kidding, right?! Of course I’m smoking a Bodega.

  23. -3

    What? Hair club for men? I don’t think so.

  24. -2

    Go ahead… Make my day!

  25. -3

    Why so serious G? Is it because your pants?
    Smile a little!

  26. -2

    You wanna do what to my pants????

  27. -1

    Hey, make fun of my outfit if you want, but I’m living your dream!

  28. -2

    Hey, It’s me Balki….

  29. -1

    You were right. These do NOT make my farts smell like cotton candy.

  30. -4

    Texting? No! This is the remote for the bulge balloon in my crotch. All of my pants have them.

    And no, this is NOT full bulge!

    • LMAO! You are honestly an animal

  31. -1

    Ron Burgundy called, he wants his pants back!

  32. -3

    Game Face.

  33. -1

    You know I braise my meat, right?

  34. -2

    Are You Kidding Me Right Now Bro, I’m texting “here’s a little Tea Cup ” so my kid will go to sleep.

  35. -1

    WTF do you mean I can’t smoke here – do you know who I am?

  36. 1

    I’m so hot..the top shirt button is screaming to be set free!

  37. 2

    This man is responsible for the best Reunion you’ll ever have. If only he could organise one with his hair!

  38. 0

    That’s right Rico, Miami Vice is BACK!

  39. 0

    See that over there comin this way…that’s my future… And it’s looking awesome.

  40. -1

    this fucking guy!

  41. -1

    oh baby!if i get one more text like this i will be right over!

  42. 1

    Put the camera down before I have to kill your ass, You read the bible?

  43. 2

    Fella: How do you get into those pants?
    Cigar G: You can start by buying me a drink.

  44. -5

    Once at bad camp….

  45. -1

    You thought the Reunión bands were sharp!

  46. -1

    You tell me now we are out of cigars?

  47. -1

    Molly Ringwald AIN’T got nothing on me!!!

  48. -1

    What you lookin’ at JD?

    • OMG hilarious

  49. -1

    Is it my pants or is my fly open that caught your attention ?

  50. -2

    I know they’re great, but do you know how hard it is to find matching shoes?

  51. -3

    Do these pants make my butt look fat?

  52. -1

    Wait I know, There has got to be a freaking blender somewhere around here. I need it for my Aperitivo and I am not talking the cigar either

    • Pre dinner pants ❤️it

  53. -2

    Once, I made fun of Ronny’s pink scarf …

    You sure you ain’t related GQ

  54. 1

    me? I’m smoking a Bodega and you’re stinking up the place.

  55. -1

    Here’s looking at you kid!

  56. 4

    I don’t really like the color either but they keep people from staring at my bald head.

  57. -3

    I should have gone with the purple ones? I knew I should have listened to my wife.

  58. -4

    Texting and smoking, it’s called multi-tasking.

  59. -1

    We flew down together, and they lost MY luggage!

  60. -2

    What? you never saw a white shirt before?

  61. 2

    Think they’re bright now? Wait till I put in new batteries.

  62. -1

    Ya, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, what’s it to you?

  63. 0

    No, I’m not happy to see you, it’s a cigar in my pocket.

    • lol thats to funny

      • Agreed

  64. 0

    Sell these, no, I am keeping all the smokes for myself.

  65. 2

    Want to know my secret? Protein berry smoothies every morning.

    • He does like his shakes

      • He’s the twitter protein shake pic king

  66. -2

    We’ll see who looks silly when I have two girls around me at the end of the night.

  67. 1

    Quit looking at me like you’ve never accidently worn your wife’s outfit.

  68. -2

    Salmon, its not just for dinner anymore!

  69. 1

    Pancakes or waffles?

  70. 0

    What? You’re telling me I can’t smoke in here??

  71. -1

    The Most Interesting Man In the World – He doesn’t always wear pink pants, but when he does, he gets embarrassed when you take his picture!

  72. 0

    “Why is Ronny wearing the same pants as me? FML…”

  73. 0

    My eyes are up here!

  74. 0

    “No…I’m not texting my mother telling her I love the pants she got me” *turns phone on silent*

    • I could never wear pants that loud

      • Lol me neither ;)

        • guess they must of photoshop them on you lol

  75. 0

    are you buying me a BJ shot because i am wearing pink pants?

  76. 1

    HEY!! Why did this goomba step in front of the hottie in the short black and white dress. I was tryin to get a picture for some contest where I have to use the hash tag #KeepAtightAsh!!

    • Lmao

  77. 0

    “I gotta say, for a tough guy, you sure dress like an Easter egg.”

    “You wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alleyway, but you would like to try his biscuits.”

  78. 1

    “I know you not trying to question a man with a Bodega cigar in hand!!”

  79. 1

    Are you kidding? I thought we discussed no pictures of me in my pink pants!

  80. -1

    What are you looking at? And they’re salmon, not pink!

    • Were you the first to come up with the salmon line, Rob? I don’t know, man…

      • DK, sort by date, oldest first and you can DM me your apology.

        Great seeing you in NYC. Thanks for making it!

        • Ha! Public apologies. It’s how I roll.

    • Only @cigar_g can get away with wearing pants like that.. lol’