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Craft Ales – Dogish Head 75 Minute IPA

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

Today we are going to discuss one of my two passions for the first entry; craft ales.  The craft beer industry is large and very passionate, what we will talk about today is a beer that is seasonal and great.

Dogish Head 75 Minute IPA

dogfishlogoBefore we get into this great ale and what it goes well with, lets talk about the brewmasters that created this delicious treat Dogfish Head Brewery With the motto: “Off-centered ales for off-centered people”. The history and growth can be read about in the Wikipedia entry but we will focus on the one above..the 75 Minute IPA (India Pale Ale) beer a combination of two staple products a 60 minute IPA and a 90 Minute IPA. Like wine, but without all the wine type stuff with it and this is where the beauty of this complex and sweet IPA comes in.

The process of dry hopping and infusing different ingredients during the process is where the minute pieces come into the picture. Not only do we follow the usual process of crafting they have taken it to the next level, continuing to circulate the brew through hops, and other ingredients in a closed loop cycle for a duration, as denoted in the minutes, 60, 90, 120.

If you are ever in the market for a great IPA with a complex history, check out the Dogfish Head line of products.

For our next entries in this area, we will discuss such things as what glasses to use, when to drink certain ales and grouping a cigar with these products.

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A person who enjoys the culture of craft ales and the hand made cigar industry with a deep appreciation. My desire and respect help spread this love while building a network to help learn and educate all participating in the community. I enjoy this journey and hope all who read my material find this same appreciation.

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  1. Great article Chris. Very insightful!

  2. Hmm…how would you rank the different Dogfish offerings? I’ve had the 60, 90, 61 and some of the music-branded offerings, but never the 75.

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