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Reunión Digestivo


Like its cousin Aperitivo, the Reunión Digestivo’s genesis was inspired by the culinary arts. Spanish for digestif, Digestivo usually refers to: “a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage that is specifically served after a meal. The purpose of a digestif is to aid in the digestion following a meal

Spirits such as port, brandy, cognac and whisky are examples of traditional digestifs. And as Bodega Premium Blends would have it, not only does its Digestivo pair extraordinarily well with those drinks, there’s nothing finer in the humidor to finish off a meal.

When enjoyed around a gathering this cigar comes to life. A Maduro in the true sense of the word, Digestivo has undergone a longer and more intense fermentation process. This marked evolution brings out the natural sugars of leaf giving the Digestivo its trademark “sweeter” flavor. Bolder than its companion, Digestivo is designed to bring the whole experience to a satisfying conclusion.

The richness of the Digestivo doesn’t end there. The wrapper is of Mexican origin. Digestivo’s crowning exterior was born in the San Andres Valley. Located in proximity to volcanoes and a large lake, the San Andreas Valley is renowned for its soil and its award winning production of Mexican fillers and wrappers. Here, with Digestivo, BPB chose to marry rich fillers from Jalapa and Esteli. The binder is proprietary.

In an industry first, Bodega Premium Blends launches Reunión Digestivo with a complementary creation Aperitivo. Launched in combined 20 cigar count boxes, Reunión Digestivo is offered in three vitolas:

Toro 6 x 52
Double Robusto 5 x 54
Corona Gorda 5.5 x 46

The final iteration of over two years of blending, tasting, attempts and re-attempts, Reunión Aperitivo and Digestivo becomes Bodega Premiums Blends’ first offering to the world. We hope you agree Reunión is ultimately time well spent.