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End of the Year Recap

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015



Let’s just say 2014 brought new challenges that started with my wife and I moving 2500 miles from Arizona to New York.  All in all it was a fantastic year for the two of us but smoking wise it was a tad bit challenging.  If you remember I am a strong proponent of the shop local — support your local B & M movement.  The  issue is that there is not one single B & M with 26 miles (North, South, East, or West) of our home here in Auburn, NY. In my travels I found, or rather stumbled upon Austin’s Tobacco in Oswego,  C & C Tobacco in Ithaca, Baroody’s Cigars in Waterloo, and Rocky’s News in Syracuse. While not having a B & M here in town,  I have enjoyed smoking with one of my oldest friends, and publisher of the Citizen, Rob Forcey, on the loading dock during our weekly meeting on the back deck of our 114 year old Victorian rental, or in the garage of his house.

Needless to say with a little help from my friends my humidor remained well stocked throughout 2014. I hope I didn’t leave anyone off the list.  So here it goes:  Nate McIntyre, who ensured that I left Arizona with my humidor fully stocked with House of Emilio brands; Victor Lucatorto and Gino Domanico keeping me supplied with Bodega Premium Blends Bloggers Boxes; Stephen Le Pre Sr., who sent me a nice little care package while I was lamenting about NY State taxes on cigars and the lack of availability here in Central NY; Cliff Wilson, who dropped a couple of Nomad LE Lot 1386’s on me with a corn cob pipe; and Luke Fadell, who has given me, out of his own humidor/coolidor, countless cigars since I was introduced to him by Rob and brought him onboard as a sales executive at the Citizen.

As I did the past few years I compiled a list of the top 10 cigars I smoked in the last year.  This year’s list, which also includes a few honorable mentions, is no different.  The cigars that made the list are ones I smoked from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014 and not necessarily released in 2014. There is no particular order to the cigars on my list.  There are no tasting notes or ratings other than an * noting that it should be considered at the end of the year as one of my top cigars of the year.


  • Bodega Aperitivo
  • Bodega Digestivo
  • Ezra Zion FHK
  • Falto Lonsdale by LaGarita Cigar
  • Zabala 1936 Elegante
  • Cubanacan Habano
  • Senorial by Jose Blanco
  • Fedora Cigars Short Robusto
  • BOTL from Pinar Del Rio
  • Hoya de Monterrey Habana Epicure No. 2


Honorable Mentions

  • Ave Maria Clement
  • Outlaw Cigars Unlucky 13
  • Viaje Platino
  • Sam Leccia Black
  • Roma Craft CroMagnon


2015 looks to be equally exciting. It will be interesting to see what happens with brands like Torano Family Cigars and Sam Leccia becoming part of General Cigar and Drew Estate becoming part of Swisher.   Let’s just say I am optimistic.

Until next time, #KeepTightAsh


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