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Four Email Subject Lines That Make Everyone Hate You

Posted by on Nov 22, 2016

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Thinking of following up with an important email about a new job?  Be honest about it, rather than writing a line about how they must be so bus but could they spare a minute?


They read: “Temporary amnesia is the only legitimate reason for making me wait.”

This opener often comes from a legitimate desire to help. Who hasn’t seen an email when they checked their phone in the morning and forgotten about it?

But this is generally the exception.

And when you suggest someone isn’t getting back to you because they forgot, you’re basically accusing him or her of being disorganized. Or, like the spam opener, you’re suggesting that only some less-than-likely reason could rationally explain why your contact didn’t reply ASAP. Even though your goal is to be helpful, you’re actually saying that you don’t think they do a good job managing their email.

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Photo credit to Michael Kowalcyzk/Flickr

via https://www.fastcompany.com/3065632/work-smart/four-email-subject-lines-that-make-everyone-hate-you

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