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Getting Your Settings Straight

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014



Since so much of cigar smoking is about slowing down and relaxing I believe that the setting in which we enjoy our cigars has a huge impact on what we get out of them. Cigarette smoker don’t tend to have a favorite place or time of day to enjoy a cigarette, yet so many cigar smokers can sit down and take several minutes to describe what they feel is the perfect setting for a cigar. As I sit here in an empty cigar lounge, just my computer, my cigar, a Mexican Coke and some classic Cuban music playing I can’t help but think about some of my favorite settings.

For me, the number one, top of the list best place for me to enjoy a cigar and get maximum relaxation is beach side. Now this may not be what you are expecting but I don’t mean a sunny beach some where in the Caribbean, but the beaches of Lake Michigan in the early spring or fall. I love the light breeze with a crisp dampness to it. The perfect weather for a strong cup of coffee, a comfy Tommy Bahama pullover, and a cigar. I think I love this due to its contrast to the hot Texas beaches I know and grew up with. I enjoy watching my family play with the seagulls near the beach play sets, every once in a while getting just close enough to get that ice water on their feet. This is pure bliss for me.

A close second for me is a cool fall evening on a patio or porch while watching or listening to college football, preferably my Texas Longhorns. Obviously you can see a theme, I love cooler weather. There is just something comforting about the smell in the air on a clear fall evening, a good drink (or three) and the sounds of the game. This is only enhanced by the company of fellow fans and lovers of the leaf. I also love using these times to expand the minds of some of my non cigar nerd friends. They love when I bring them new cigars to try, whether they care about the blend or origin like I do, they still enjoy a good cigar. When you can have common camaraderie mixed with good cigars it makes for a great time, great times are always those that we look forward to and remember.

So far I have talked about all outdoor smoking, which I love, although I do enjoy smoking indoors too. I hear so many guys in the forums or podcasts talk about how it gets too cold in the winters of the Northeast to smoke outside, well in Texas it gets too hot in the summer to be able to truly enjoy a cigar outside. These are the times that I love being able to sit in a lounge surrounded by the fellowship of those who love cigars too. There is nothing like being absorbed into a comfy leather sofa, some sports on the television, and every topic imaginable being discussed with cigar talk being interjected every so often. Let’s face it, the worlds problems are solved in cigar lounges on a daily basis. The best coaches in every league reside in cigar lounges. When in a cigar lounge nothing matters except your love of cigars. No one judges your opinion, your walk of life, you choice in teams, you are all on an even level and everyone is free to express their feelings without much more that some friendly razzing. With that also comes that the cigar lounge may be the last hope for those of us who have the traditional values and leave political correctness at the door. It is the only place where you are just a person who loves cigars and engaging conversation.

My last great place of relaxation and peace with my cigar is my car. After a long stressful day of fixing other peoples problems at work I cherish my hour drive and my ability to turn on some great music and light up a fine cigar. Some days it may be a combo of something medium strength and a bit of Sinatra, other days require a full bodied cigar and Pantera. While I know that smoking in the car may not be for everyone, and it does drive my wife nuts, it brings me back to a place where I can function and be who I need to be when I get home to my family. The car cigar can also bring a certain amount of peace when on a road trip. The beautiful scenery of our country, or even our state for those who live is Texas, makes an amazing back drop for enjoying a cigar. You can get lost in the cigar while being humbled by the beauty of nature, makes you really appreciate both. The right setting for the right moment can greatly impact the experience you get from your cigar, especially when it comes to maximizing relaxation. I invite everyone to leave us a comment about what relaxing settings you enjoy smoking a cigar in. Always remember to take the time to relax and enjoy living life!

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