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Hacks to Help Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015


The holidays are coming, and so are the endless buffets, dinners, get togethers, gatherings, office parties, awkward events where you know no one, short work days leading to more fun nights, and so on.  You will need help if you want to avoid gaining weight, and if you find it tough, then this is the article for you (even if it is a bit of a buzzkill).

A quote from the article states:

Let’s be honest, no one comes into your house and makes you eat far more food than you need or even really want. There is nothing wrong with enjoying good quality food with family and friends but binge-eating foods that you never usually would simply because it is ‘Christmas’ makes no sense.

Any tips for how to stave off the urge to snack?


Photo credit to Citalliance/Fotosearch.

via http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/christmas/hacks-to-help-avoid-christmas-weight-gain/news-story/dfeba7bd60f5486b8bccebf5fa60a22b

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