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House of Emilio: Partner and Friend


A complete list of retail locations coming soon.

To purchase your Bodega cigars online, visit The House of Emilio’s exclusive online retailer at the Cigar Federation Store.

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Few things have surprised us more in the industry than the relationship we’ve developed with mentor and friend Gary Griffith. In an era where locked and loaded legal agreements flourish, Gary and House of Emilio have reached out, extended their hand, literally, and closed an agreement with a simple handshake.

House of Emilio represents “Best of the Boutiques” and the mere fact that Bodega Premium Blends was considered to be the newest member of the family is truly an honor.

Loyal to the core, Gary is often recognized in cigar circles as the MAN of his word. His zeal and devotion to the brands he and House of Emilio represent is nothing short of remarkable. As if his word wasn’t forged in gold, his heart indisputably is 24 carat.

As the ninth brand added to House of Emilio, Bodega Premium Blends and it’s four founders find themselves in very good hands. Gary’s business acumen is only surpassed by his task-oriented nature. He’s surrounded himself with a great sales team. Bodega Premium Blends and House of Emilio: It’s a brotherhood, a fellowship built on passion, trust and confidence.