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How Castro’s Favorite Cigar Ruled the World

Posted by on Jun 23, 2016



A brief look into how Castro’s favorite cigar cast an influence that is still felt today in the cigar world:

Much has changed in half a century. Castro, now 89, no longer smokes cigars, and Cohiba has become globally renowned as one of the better things that life has to offer. (The cigar became commercially available in 1982.) There is an irony to the fact that a state founded on revolutionary socialist ideals now makes one of the world’s most recognizable status symbols, but anyone who sees Cohiba as a mere status-conferring luxury product is missing the point. As well as being the best cigar that Cuba makes, a Cohiba is also a cultural object.

Are Cohibas the peak of cigar perfection for you, or is there another now that has taken its place?


Photo credit to Sven Creutzman/Mambo Photo/Getty

via http://www.newsweek.com/cohiba-cuban-cigars-466351

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