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How to retire early — 35 years early

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016


Who hasn’t thought of retiring early, of being able to live life on your terms right now as opposed to when you’ve put in decades of work and money away?  The subject of the article linked below has, but it comes with sacrifices.  Do you think you would be able to make the changes to your life to retire early?

A thought provoking sample below:

Pete, who prefers not to divulge his last name to protect his family’s privacy, retired when he was just 30. His wife retired with him, and for the past nine years they’ve been stay-at-home parents. Their investment income supports their lifestyle, but they also work when they want, on their own terms.

One secret to their success? They live on very little for a family of three: about $25,000 a year. They own a car, but mostly bike. Dining out is an occasional luxury. And shopping for stuff? That’s best avoided. But their philosophy goes beyond mere scrimping, says Mr. Money Mustache. It’s about enjoying life with less.


Photo credit to Mr. Money Mustache

via http://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-to-retire-early-35-years-early-2014-01-17

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