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How to Shake a Cocktail

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016

Types of Cocktail Shakers


You would think shaking wouldn’t require any special tips, but apparently it does, and it even has specialized equipment.  For instance, how long you shake plays a significant factor in how the drinks will taste.

A vigorous shake will result in a drink that’s between -5°C/23°F and -8°C/18°F in about 12 seconds, compared to about two minutes if that drink was stirred. So you can imagine what shaking for 30 seconds would yield… exactly the same. It’s completely counter-intuitive but a longer shake doesn’t result in a colder drink, a drink plateaus at about the 8°C/18°F mark and reaches its thermal equilibrium, so asking that bartender to shake for longer isn’t going to result in much more than a sore shoulder at the end of the night.

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Photo credit to Primer Magazine.

via http://www.primermagazine.com/2016/learn/how-to-shake-a-cocktail-essential-techniques

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