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How to Turn a Bad Round into a Good Score

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016


If you’re a golfer, you know the irritation, or if you’re a pro, the agony of a bad shot, so the article linked has a few ideas on how to course correct.  For instance, driving:

Driving it all over the course? You have options. You can ditch your driver and throttle back with a 3-wood or hybrid. You’ll sacrifice distance, but hey—would you rather hit your second shot from the short grass or from behind the snack shack? Another option is to play your miss. Got a case of the rights? Aim at the left rough or left edge of the fairway and let your shot shape bring the ball back. Lastly, try replacing your normal practice swing with several baseball-style swings.

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Illustration credit to Graham Graches/Golf

via http://www.golf.com/instruction/swing-tips-turn-your-bad-round-good-score

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