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Introducing Bodega Cigars

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

Hello everyone, I have been presented a great opportunity to write about my passion of cigars and craft beers from around the world.

To start off this series of blogs we must first start with how we got to this point in the journey.

box-cigarsThe cigar a, hand crafted, product developed by highly skilled and passionate blenders, artists and entrepreneurs all with one vision in common enjoyment and relaxation from a hard days work.

My journey has had many starts and stops over the years, but really taking off about 3 years ago. This appreciation has grown over time and will be discussed in subsequent entries.

Bourbon CountyNow we transition to the craft beer, a craft that takes a passion similar to wine, scotch, whiskey and other spirits and brings that to the long enjoyed product of beer.

The passion these people put into these products is in line with cigars in all ways discussed earlier. A blender, an artist and an entrepreneur coming together to make a highly enjoyable product.

My passion from both of these products in an individual capacity will be brought together and discussed through this medium.

While this is just a sample of things to come, I hope you as the reader will join me in how different cigars and craft beer pairings enhance the overall experience and provide opportunities to enjoy them separately.

Until then find some time in that hectic day and enjoy your favorite cigar and or craft beer.

Till next time.


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A person who enjoys the culture of craft ales and the hand made cigar industry with a deep appreciation. My desire and respect help spread this love while building a network to help learn and educate all participating in the community. I enjoy this journey and hope all who read my material find this same appreciation.

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  1. Chris, do you somebrew?

  2. Hi Nate,

    I do not currently brew my own ales; currently in the research phase of the process.


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