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It's Your Move

Posted by on Aug 12, 2013

As dedicated cigar enthusiasts, the guys at Bodega Premium Blends aren’t mere brand owners. They’re as much fans of the stogie experience as they are executive producers of fine blends.

The launch of Reunión line is the culmination of a two year process. It’s truly their vision of a proprietary “binary” blend concept. Reunión pairs two distinctive yet complimentary blends: Aperitivo and Digestivo.

Reunión is a truly new and exciting way of marrying the selection of the vitola to the moment. It’s BPB’s commitment to the cigar devotee. And, the binary concept will re-appear in some of their future blends. Likewise, Bodega is further investing in aficionado’s moments by partnering with an industry giant. Bodega Premium Blends will soon have it’s own Master Blender.

With that said, Bodega Premium Blends wants you to be directly involved in the selection of future releases. Like all things Bodega, this innovation will be the most interactive project the industry has ever seen. A blend chosen by the fan, It’s your move…

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Rob is an entrepreneur to the core, spending the last 10 years growing and selling a successful communications firm. The skills he honed over the years will be instrumental in helping guide the ship and making sure Bodega is operationally and financially sound.