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Moustache Maintenance

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014



Growing a mustache for Movember but not sure how to look after it?  Here’s a five point plan for avoiding any hirsute horrors.


It’s no good your charity ‘tache looking great if it doesn’t smell great too. Since hair is porous it tends to absorb unwanted odors and can trap stray crumbs of food too, so wash your ‘tache thoroughly with a facial wash and use a facial scrub in the early stages of its growth to prevent painful prevent ingrown hairs.


Like any kind of facial hair, mustaches can be tricky to shave around with a razor so try using a transparent shave gel or shave oil which allow you to see where you’re going. To keep your ‘tache neat and tidy and to prevent it from growing over your lip use a pair of nail scissors to trim stray hairs.


Facial hair tends to draw moisture away from the surface of the skin leaving it dry, tight and flaky, so always apply a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer to the skin beneath your ‘tache to keep it hydrated. Or condition skin and hair at the same time with a product like Mr Natty Frank’s  Beard Elixir, which is also lightly scented to keep facial hair smelling fantastic.


One of the easiest ways to keep your Mo neat (and free of dandruff and debris) is to use a mustache comb.  Especially designed for facial hair, their size and narrowly-spaced teeth makes them perfect for taming ‘taches. They’re also handy for evenly distributing beard elixir or mustache wax.


Rudyard Kipling once said that being kissed by a man who didn’t wax his mustache must be a bit like eating an egg without salt. In the golden age of ‘taches the two went hand in hand and wax is still invaluable if you’re growing a longer mo of fancy one with a characterful curl. Simply warm a tiny amount between your fingers, apply to the ends and twizzle or massage throughout for an all-over tame.


Photo credit to Niven & Joshua.

via http://www.nivenandjoshua.com/grooming-guide/moustache-maintenance/

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