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My After Dinner Reunion with the Digestivo Cigar

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014

As you may have guessed, I use Twitter (@RobustoBabe) to find out about new cigars, follow interesting people and sometimes enter contests for sticks I really want to try. It’s also my favorite place to join with friends from around the world for a virtual Puff-by-Puff Cigar Review  that we’ve branded as #SundayCigarHerf — I hope you will join us for the next Twitter herf.  Just connect with me on Twitter or follow the hashtag. Everyone is invited and the Sunday crew is usually quite exciting and fun.

Digestivo Box 2It’s through Twitter that I became acquainted with @shy_ronny who is one of the owners of Bodega Premium Blends. Ronny invited me one evening in December to a Launch party at Nat Sherman’s Townhouse for the Reunion Cigar Line to announce the release of the Aperitivo and the Digestivo cigars. If these cigars sound like something you would read on a menu, you are not wrong. The company created these cigars around a concept of before and after dinner smokes. Exactly the way cigar smokers usually enjoy their stogies … around a meal.

Digestivo Bodega BoysMy first reaction was, HOW COOL. Good friends and family members  Ron Plante, Gino Domanico, Stephane Barjolin and Rob Mariani really thought through the concept for this line (you can see it in their unique packaging) and I hope they will continue putting out cigars with a menu or celebration theme inmind. There is nothing better than sharing a great smoke with a group of friends and family around a good meal. So, Gino, what do you suggest for say, Brunch? … mmmhmmm something to think about.

digestivoSince I like dessert better, I went straight for Digestivo with a Mexican San Andres wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler, it’s a very attractive cigar with a light sheen and spicy pre-lit scent.  I was expecting a multidimensional smoke — one that would fulfill my evening desires — and the Digestivo did not disappoint !

Upon lighting there is a spark of black pepper with a touch of a spicy red pepper in the background that lingers slightly on both the front and middle of my palate. The Nicaraguan tobacco is flavorful and rich, with some underlying oak and small amount of earthiness.  This cigar gives off a thick white smoke that has a very nice scent, one that you wouldn’t mind sitting a room filled with it. I’d consider this smoke to be a full bodied profile.

Digestivo Me holding cigar 2As I smoke further into the cigar, a bittersweet cocoa emerges and a touch of espresso with the spicy peppers subsiding just a little and my palate begins to get acquainted with a creamy taste. Then all of a sudden a delectable sweet black cherry emerges that compliments the cocoa very nicely and then after a few puffs it fades into a complex leather with some accented sweetness. Talk about dessert, this cigar reminded me a little of chocolate covered cherries, but not in a syrupy calorie laden way.

Midway through the smoke a delicious wine soaked oak emerges, mixing very nicely with the leather, earth and touches of pepper and cocoa. I think this is when I realized that I didn’t want this cigar to end.

The Digestivo never got too hot to handle so when I smoked it down to almost the nub, I wasn’t shocked when my mind starting thinking about smoking another one. Digestivo could become my go to cigar when I’m hanging with friends, during a cold winter night sitting around drinking Pinto Noir. It’s a delightful cigar from a new brand and I’m honored to have been one of the first people to try it back in December 2013.

Since then I’ve smoked this cigar with a variety of drinks: first with 15-year aged rum, then with water during a successful virtual twitter cigar herf that I hosted last month & House of Emilio sponsored, then most recently by myself one afternoon when all I wanted was a little sweet time in the company of  friends at my local cigar lounge in Bay Ridge.

My take: You gotta try this cigar for yourself. Then, let me know.

For more information about Bodega Cigars: http://bpbcigars.com/ or go to http://store.cigarfederation.com/ to purchase and ask your local B & M to stock these beauties.

Wishing You Long Ashes …

Robusto Cigar Babe
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