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New Years Evolution

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014

NewYearsResolutionsEvery year people make the same tired resolutions desperately trying to improve themselves come January 1st. They flood gyms, swap cookies for carrots and try life without their favorite vice. But seriously…cookies are awesome and you can’t get a better relaxation aid than a fine stick and some single malt. So how can we affect positive change and get that warm fuzzy feeling all over? Now that we’re a few weeks into January, let’s take a realistic approach.

Quit working so damn hard!

When someone describes you as a ‘hard worker’, it’s supposed to be a compliment. I know a ton of hard workers. Nose-to-the-grindstone types. They work long hours, skip breaks and give their all no matter the task at hand. They’re definitely assets to their employers. Unfortunately, they think that hard work is their ticket to happiness and advancing in their field, but they’re wrong.


Stressed2‘Hard workers’ only have one speed: on. They’re usually running around like crazy bouncing from task to task, visibly stressed and a little disheveled. They’re ready to handle everything that gets thrown at them, all within a moments notice. Even if they love their work, most of them bitch about it incessantly every free second that they have because working hard takes a lot out of you.

I know, man.


depression-640x428I’m far from a manual laborer, but when I worked long hours at the agency I spent my downtime just trying to recover and prepare for the next rush of shit I had to do. I was proud of my ability, what I’d accomplished and loved making clients happy. At the same time I was overworked, overtired, depressed and anxious. I didn’t do anything that I enjoyed outside of work. Just worked. Worked hard. Worked fast. What kind of life is that? Certainly one with some room for improvement.

After the agency I worked for took a downturn, I opened a small web firm that I run out of my house. I was sick of the agency life and vowed to never fall into that rut again. It’s a dark place, and unfortunately there’s no switch to flip on the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. That shouldn’t stop you from striking a match and burning up whatever worthless shit you can find for a little reprieve though.

I’ll admit, my work situation is far from ‘regular’. I stand at my desk the majority of days in gym shorts, dancing my ass off to obnoxiously loud music, while the dog looks at me like I’m out of my goddamn mind. Maybe I am. I golf – a lot – when the unpredictable WNY weather permits. I babysit my niece during ‘work hours’. I try and go out with friends at least once a week and I spend more time than most with family. You know, “the little things”.

islaWell, it’s time to realize that those ‘little things’ shape our lives and we should give them the highest priority possible. You’re an open mind and an attitude adjustment away from creating your own little slice of paradise, or at least backing that stress level down from 10. Hard work sucks man; let’s start working smarter! Together!





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Professionally, I’m Joshua, a hybrid designer / developer from Western New York who’s work has helped market and clean up the online presence of many a business. My company, NeonThoughts, has worked with clients ranging anywhere from small cigar companies to large business service providers. Personally, I’m Josh, a cigar smoking 16-handicap with a passion for entrepreneurship, tattoos, craft beer and single malt that’s old enough to have its driver’s license. Whether or not I show up UA in tow, I probably swear too much. And shave too little.

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  1. Great read Joshua. No matter the industry these days it seems to take over the lives of people. And some to the max.

    P.s.the bio is awesome!!

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