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Reunión Aperitivo Toro 6×52 self portrait

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

Seems a little self-serving to review one’s own cigar. Well known fact though is the guys at Bodega Premium Blends are as much fans of cigars as they are brand owners.

And so without being contrite, the goal here is not to award an actual score to the Reunión Aperitivo, (there are plenty of folks way more qualified and willing to take on that action) as much as conveying what the Aperitivo means to me.

As chief brand officer, I knew early on that one of the two Reunión offerings would end up being a Nica Puro. I’m confident when I say that my brothers at BPB have developed palates and a liking for the product being grown in Estelí, Jalapa and Condega. As brand owners, we have access to all kinds of tobaccos: from Honduras to DR. And, despite the fact we enjoy the best Habanos or Dominicans from our favorite tobacconists, we chose to produce an authentic Nicaraguan cigar. That speaks volumes to the quality crops and production from Nicaragua.

Visually, the caramel colored Aperitivo in the 6×52 Toro stuns. Sniff the foot and the caramel, molasses moves from the visual to the olfactory senses. There is some ligero visible at the foot. Anyone can also recognize the accordion styled construction. A double seem cap forms the head. I’ve chosen a Xikar triple flame to toast the Aperitivo. Patience here in the repeated circular motion yields dividends as I forget to clear it before inhaling the first draw. Immediately, spices coat the taste buds as though a sudden rush from the spice rack that promises to dissipate.


The ash of the Aperitivo is greyer than its Mexican cousin but the burn is as delineated and distinct. Again, leather and toasted nutmeg toggle back and fourth in the first half. It’s a medium body cigar and for the purposes of this review I’ve prepared an Illy espresso long. It’s the pairing of choice to bring out the aforementioned notes. I finish the coffee rather quickly as if reaching again for the espresso machine but choose cold Dasani water instead. I let The Aperitivo rest for more than two minutes to let the water cleanse my palate.

I encourage the burn of the second half with a swipe from my Xikar tool. At this point the Aperitivo begins to exhibit a deeper complexity. The leather and nutmeg are always present but here they fade somewhat. Rather, the bouquet morphs into earthy, briny notes. The finish is still just long enough to linger and enjoy with just water. It transports me to the curing barns of Estelí. What’s more the pre meal concept of Reunión Aperitivo fulfills it’s calling… Let’s you want just a little more drink, more food and if the situation arises perhaps even a more hearty smoke. May I suggest the Reunión Digestivo?

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Chief Brand Officer at Bodega Premium Blends
Ron is our resident cigar aficionado. His tobacco knowledge was instrumental in getting our flavor profiles just right. He is the person ultimately accountable for each blend – no small responsibility. In addition to his mastery of the cigar, Shy Ronnie is also a master with the pen. He’s always writing away, sharing his introspective side in much of our Bodega literature.

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  1. the aperitivo is my favorite,paired with expresso ,you don’t want to put it down. a little milder than the digestivo but still complementary to one another,both cigars are a hit!the flavor lasts throughout ,all the way to the end.

  2. Sounds like another winner!

  3. Can’t wait to score one of these. The toro size is one of my favorites. Any chance for a Belicoso??

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