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Review: Bodega Premium Blends – Digestivo Double Robusto

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013

Bodega Premium Blends was founded by Cigar G, and I was privileged to witness them joining the House of Emilio during IPCPR 2013.  I have heard about Bodega for a while, and about a month ago, the dam of information finally broke in this press release about their first cigar, Reunion. Here is the need to know details.

1. Reunion comes in two different blends, Aperitivo an Digestivo

2. There are three vitolas for each blend

a. Corona Gorda 5.5 x 46
b. Double Robusto 5 x 54
c. Toro 6 x 52

3. The Reunion comes in boxes of 20, with 10 Aperitivo’s and Digestivo’s

4. The Apertivo is a before dinner cigar and the Digestivo is an after dinner cigar

5. There is some other marketing stuff, but read the press release to find out for yourself

Also, G worked with an un-named legend in the cigar industry on these two blends. I tried to get the information from G, but it didn’t happen.

Go time!

Bodega Premium Blends Digestivo

ap-cigVitola: Double Robusto
Size: 5 x 54
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Beverage: Earl Grey
Cigars Smoked for this Review: One
Smoking Time: 110 Minutes
Price Point: $11
Purchased: From G himself


Setting the Context

I hate Cigar G.  Ever since the time he told me he was going to sell me to a donkey show, I have hated his Canadian guts. I rue the day I met him on CigarChat.  Now the tables have turned. He has released two cigars, and I will be one of the first people in the world to review it. Payback is a bitch, G.





First Half

The Digestivo comes out of the gates with a huge blast of black pepper. The Digestivo quickly tames and delivers notes of chili pepper and what I would compare to French Oak barrels, which were used to age wine. It is an interesting combination, which works well together. There is a very meaty quality to the smoke on Digestivo, which I would consider full in body.

It is refreshing to see how much booming smoke theDigestivo produces. The draw is effortless, and thick white clouds of smoke are produced with each draw.There are some chocolate and cocoa notes which appear in the background.

There is a nice black cherry sweetness which appears in the Digestivo. This quickly fades into what I would call fresh leather, which is very strong and was a nice change from the black cherry. The leather flavor becomes more muted and less overpowering, and is replaced to a nice sugary sweetness, which is very interesting on the retrohale.


Second Half

The second half of the Digestivo starts out with flavors just like red wine, which is very tannic. There is a ton of body in the Digestivo which really draws out the complexity of the wine flavors.

The “typically” earthy flavor you get with a San Andres wrapper finally showed up at the end of the Digestivo, but were different than the “typical” flavor. The earthy notes were much more muted and paired with the slightly more medium flavored red wine notes.



The Digestivo is a great smoke and my hats off to Cigar G and Canadian Company for producing such a great cigar out of the gates. I can’t say enough about the quality of the construction and the amount of booming smoke theDigestivo produced. Not to mention the full body, full flavored, and full strength complex flavors it delivered though out the entire experience, but there are two thing which hold me back from giving the Digestivo a 100% thumbs up rating.

First, I think it was a mistake to sell two Ruenion blends together. I get the concept of the before and after dinner smoke, and while I applaud the creativity, I think it is confusing. By this I mean, I think anyone who buys a box and doesn’t know the full story about the Reunion is going to open the box and be confused there are two different cigars included. Also, from a retailer standpoint it is a bit more of a logistical nightmare when breaking this up into five packs of a certain blend, and not having the option to buy just the Aperitivo or Digestivo.

Second, most of you who read my reviews won’t be surprised by this, but I believe the price is high. At $11 dollars a stick, the price seems a little high to me. Don’t get me wrong the Digestivo is a great cigar, but the price point makes it a little high for someone to commit to a box purchase out of the gate.

I think the Digestivo is a must try. I think those of you out there who like San Andres and Nicaraguan cigars which are full on everything will enjoy it.


Editor’s Note:  Both the Digestivo and Aperitivo are also available in 10 count boxes that contain 10 cigars of the same blend.  Thanks for the review Logan, look forward to your review of the Aperitivo.  Check out the link to Logan’s review for a few more pics in his slideshow.



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  1. I want a shoutout or something every time Buddy Christ is used on other sites!#Royalties

  2. Hey Logan thanks for the high praises. The Reunion brand is a new concept we wanted to introduce to the industry. First it unites two blends in one box. Next, its designed to compliment the occasions when devotees enjoy cigars surrounded by friends etc, usually around an occasion or a meal. Reunion Aperitivo was blended to be enjoyed first. The Reunion Digestivo, as described above, is a post meal offering. Now, although we recommend participating in the whole Reunion experience each and every time you gather for cigars, we know that isn’t always feasible or even desired. The 20 count box is just a new and unique way of presenting the concept to our B&M. 10 count boxes of each will be made available for those willing to don the uniform of TEAM Aperitivo or TEAM Digestivo. Kind of like eating your cake and having it too…

    • I do like the concept of the Reunion and would like to try the team experience. Though most of the times I have pre-meal cigars without the post-meal cigar. I would love to see how they pair with my favorite desert and drinks!

  3. Cant wait to get my hands on some

  4. Best quote from the review: “Also, G worked with an un-named legend in the cigar industry on these two blends. I tried to get the information from G, but it didn’t happen.”

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