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Science Finally Proves Which Wines Give the Worst Hangovers

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016


Many will swear that red wine give them terrible hangovers, while white wine drinkers will say that the times they may have indulged too much not caused them hangovers, but stomach upset as well.  The article linked explains the dubious victor due to something called congeners:

These determine the color and flavor of alcoholic beverages, meaning the more congeners there are, the darker the alcohol is in color. Congeners are a “toxic byproduct of the fermenting process”, says ABC, which lurk in your body the next day and make you feel like ass. The more alcohol you’ve consumed, the more congeners you’ll have – so the worse you’ll feel.

So on days you know you will be drinking a lot for some reason and don’t want to feel terrible the next day, lighter colored drinks may be the way to go.


Photo credit to Comedy Central.

via http://www.esquire.com/food-drink/a47329/which-colour-wine-gives-worst-hangover/

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