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Socializing the Love of Craft Ales

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014

Variety, a great thing, but a burden at other times…you walk into any store and they give you tons of choices, because choice is good. Well yes and no, the fact a person is overloaded, the brain goes enough..and either makes a poor choice or no choice at all.

In the world of craft ales we can overcome this wide variety, it is called social media and the almighty smartphone. Over the past two years of being highly immersed, in the craft beer scene, I have come across tools and services that will not only track your love, but help make decisions.

Before we get into the service of choice, i would like to state, that i am no way affiliated with the service mentioned, just a user.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 4.44.23 PMThis great service provides access to an inventory of ales from around the world, submitted by users, and a way to find like minded people to share stores, tastes and experiences. The plethora of ways to interact with the service make it great for people on the go, people enjoying their inventory or just trying to find new ales to try.

You are at your local craft store and you have a blank…what did I try last night? I really liked it…well go to the app and boom, there it is! The rating, where you had it and a picture for helping you find it again.

Then you have situations where you are like, well I really enjoyed that Dogfish Head 75 minute, what ones are similar to that? The app will take characteristics of both the ale and what people say about it and recommend new ones.

Variety, variety, variety..the pain of having choice can be overcome when it comes to craft ales, and untappd.com is one way of doing this.

If you are interested in this app and sign-up send me a friend request, my username is chrisdavidson.

Till next time!


* The image used for this post is owned by untappd.com



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A person who enjoys the culture of craft ales and the hand made cigar industry with a deep appreciation. My desire and respect help spread this love while building a network to help learn and educate all participating in the community. I enjoy this journey and hope all who read my material find this same appreciation.

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  1. Working at a craft beer tasting room I see so many people using the untappd app. We need one of these apps for Cigars!!! I’m in……

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