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Sun of a Beach! A Man’s Guide to Beachwear

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016

men's beach hats


It’s the height of summer and if you’re looking for inspiration or fleshing out the basics in your summer wardrobe, follow the Via link below to get some ideas on how to look your best, whether you’re close to a beach, a pool, or some body of water to cool down these hot summer days.

One of their tips regarding swimwear is a lot of common sense:

Modern trends dictate that your swimwear should end a few inches above the knee, baring a bit of thigh. If you aren’t comfortable with this, it’s fine to go down to the knee, but don’t let it dangle over — that restricts movement and contorts your silhouette. So, look for shorts labeled with a 6-8″ inseam, going up to 10″ maximum. Adjust according to your height: longer legs require a longer inseam.

The other thing not to forget?  Sunscreen, people!


Photo credit to Pinterest

via http://www.primermagazine.com/2016/spend/sun-of-a-beach-a-mans-guide-to-beachwear

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