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Terroir – What are the Factors that Influence the Taste of Tobacco?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

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An interesting and in-depth look as to the reasons why we’re all drawn to what we smoke when we smoke our cigars, specifically the concept of terroir, which the article explains:

“…terroir originates from France (French for “region”) and is used in the agricultural sector, in particular in viticulture, to describe the natural factors of an area of cultivation. It includes the characteristics of the soil, the microclimate and the geology, and the terrain can also be an important factor. A nearby range of hills can, for instance, protect a cultivation area against the wind, or a river can transport sediment to the fields.

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Photo credit to Manuel Frohlich/Cigar Journal

via http://www.cigarjournal.co/terroir-what-are-the-factors-that-influence-the-flavor-of-tobacco/

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