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The 10 Best Whiskeys Under $30

Posted by on Oct 14, 2014


Serious whiskey drinkers know that the best bottles can sometimes break the bank.

Whiskey isn’t just for those with extra cash, however.

Find the Best used a weighted average of five different sources — the Beverage Testing Institute, the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the L.A. Whiskey Society, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and Wine Enthusiast  Magazine — to rank the best whiskeys on the market.

The best part? Each of these whiskeys costs less than $30.

10.  Johnny Drum Black Label ($20): This 86-proof bourbon has a woodsy taste with hints of vanilla and leather.

9. Johnny Drum Green Label ($15): This is a slightly spicy 80-proof bourbon.

8. Smooth Ambler Exceptional White Whisky ($28): This is an unaged whiskey that has a distinct cornmeal taste. Smooth Ambler mills all of their grain on-site and uses mountain-stream water in their spirits. 

7. Pescadores Pumpkin Whisky ($25): Like other Taiwanese whiskeys, this flavored spirit is fruity and floral.

6. Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey ($27): Aged for six years, this whiskey was used to make America’s first branded cocktail, “the Sazerac.”

5. Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey ($27): In contrast to the sweet bourbons on this list, this 90-proof rye whiskey has a spice to it.

4. Black Bottle Blended Scotch ($23): This single-malt scotch is known for having a smoky, peaty taste with a slight hint of fruit.

3. Elmer T. Lee Bourbon Whiskey ($30): Each bottle of this award-winning whiskey is distilled in its own individual barrel.

2. Town Branch Bourbon ($30): This golden amber bourbon is named after the body of water on which Lexington was founded and has a smooth woody taste.

1. Kingdom 12 Year Old Scotch ($30): This is an aged Scotch whose flavors have been toned down a bit in the blending process.

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