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The 10-Year-Old in You Will Go Absolutely Nuts For Nike’s New Self-Lacing Sneakers

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016


Well, it’s not really self-lacing, it’s “adaptive lacing” but it’s basically the same thing.  How does it work?

The self-lacing shoes are powered by a tiny motor that runs on a rechargeable battery. Nike says the battery takes three hours to charge in full, and will need to be charged every couple of weeks. The shoes even come with lights to let you know when they need to be charged. And if the battery dies when it’s on your foot, don’t worry: You can still get it off.

We are Gollum, and this is the Ring.  We wants it, precioussss.


Photo credit to Nike.

via http://www.esquire.com/style/news/a43104/nike-self-lacing-hyperadapt-shoe/

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