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The Art of Smoking Cigars in the Car

Posted by on Aug 11, 2014


Let us assume for a moment that you are able to do two things at once; those two things being driving your finely tuned automobile while smoking your finely wrapped cigar. Smoking a cigar while driving is not for everyone, but for others there is nothing more pleasurable than driving down Route 66 while mercilessly puffing on a stogie and enjoying the motor hum along to the delightful tastes and aromas of their favorite cigar.

When it comes to smoking cigars and driving, there are preferable ways to do things. To get the most out of your commute, road trip or joy ride, here are nine tips for smoking in your car so you can enjoy two of America’s favorite pastimes simultaneously.

1. Light My Fire

If you plan on smoking a cigar in the car you should always use a torch to light your smoke. If you have ever tried to light a cigar with a soft flame lighter while driving you know the wind always wins. In terms of convenience, a match just does not cut it, and mistakenly dropping a scorched match between your legs while driving can damage your leather and your lifestyle. Keep a torch in the car to avoid these issues and so that you never have to pull over to light your cigar and you always get a consistent burn. Who knew that Jim Morrison song was about smoking stogies? We did.

2. A Cut Above

Like a good Girl or Boy Scout, you know the key to a successful journey lies in the preparation. Don’t be the guy who is pretending to relive the Wild West by biting off the cap of your cigar just to smoke. While Clint’s Pale Rider made this look cool, he had an excuse. You on the other hand, do not. Invest in a straight cutter that never leaves the car and no one will ever confuse you for the City Slicker that you are.

3. Don’t Play with Fire

Torches, lighters, wind and ash all can potentially contribute to flames. In the unlikely event that your smoking joy ride turns into a fire dance, it might be wise to keep a cup of water in your cup holder. This is not necessary but might come in handy if your ash unexpectedly separates due to the wind.

4. A Prescribed Burn

Firefighters use what is called a prescribed burn as a method to control fires and to decrease the likelihood of their unwanted spread. Similarly, your control lies in your ability to negate wind from coming into your car. We suggest cracking the windows just a few inches to prevent the wind from ruining the burn of your cigar. We don’t, however, suggest ashing with cracked windows as you will see in tip seven.

5. The Dude Abides

Remember in The Big Lebowski when The Dude and Walter drive to the coast to spread Donny’s ashes into the Pacific and the ashes blow right back on them? Ashing on the highway can have the same effect on you. Instead of ‘pulling a Walter’ and wearing what you are trying to get rid of, consider getting a portable ashtray can like the one’s made by Xikar. These portable cans help keep the ash off your dash and are something any ‘dude’ would definitely appreciate.

6. Ignorance is not Bliss

It is advisable, no matter how hot, to turn off your air conditioner while smoking and driving.  The more smoke in your air conditioning unit, the harder it is to get rid of. If you need the air, don’t let it re-circulate.

7. Kiss my Ash

If you don’t have a portable ashtray make attempts to ash at stoplights. Roll down your window at least half-way; if you try to tap out the ash at the top through the crack it might blow back into the crease of where the door and window meet. Eventually that accumulation of ash will turn into sludge after rain. No bueno amigo.

8. Dogs, Babies and Cigars

You already know that you should never leave a dog or a baby in your car due to the hazards of heat and humidity that can exist even on cold days. Treat your cigars like you would man’s best friend or a baby (you do this already right?) and never leave your cigars in the car. The extreme fluctuations in temperature that occur in cars will destroy them.

9. Smoke it Like You Stole it

Whether you are on the PCH, driving through the Rockies, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I-95, A1A, or just cruising home from work, enjoy the satisfaction of looking like a badass while smoking cigars in your ride. If you drive a Pinto, Impala or Porsche, just know only champions smoke on the road.


Photo credit to 9Cigars.com

via http://9cigars.com/blog/the-art-of-smoking-cigars-in-the-car/


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