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The Benefits of Occasional Fasting

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016


Many of the studies published right now are still limited to animal studies, but a huge group of healthy eaters, bodybuilders, and crossfitters are putting the theory to practice with good results.  The first thing to know is the old concept of fasting isn’t what they’re talking about — they are talking about intermittent fasting (IF), and it’s explained as:

IF is not what most people typically think of as fasting – going without food or sustenance for days. Instead, IFers believe you can reap all the benefits (and more) of chronic calorie restriction after as few as 12 hours without food. Which means that simply skipping breakfast and waiting until lunch to eat any food (most say it’s OK to put a splash of cream in your coffee) counts as IF.

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Photo credit to Brad Harris.

via http://www.mensjournal.com/magazine/the-benefits-of-occasional-fasting-20121116

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