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The Big Misconception That May Be Sabotaging Your Retirement

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016


Some financial tips and tricks, as well as options to think about, for the future.  Retirement is even more precarious now than it has ever been, so good advice, provided that it applies to your situation, is always welcome.

For instance, many of us are focused on seeing returns from our investments, but if you’re looking for stability, it’s saving that will do more good.  As the article explains:

But as a practical matter, you have more control over how much you save than the investment returns your savings earn. Thus, saving provides a surer route to building wealth than investing (just as the amount you spend has a bigger effect on how long your money will last once you retire than how you invest your nest egg.)

Worth considering certainly.


Photo credit to Lifehack.

via http://time.com/money/4273802/big-misconception-sabotaging-retirement/


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