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The Birth of Cigar_G

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

mikeiva While most of you know my good friend @Cigar_G from his Twitter account, I have had the unique pleasure of watching him and his partners turn a passion for cigars in to what you now see and experience, BPB Cigars. As I sat on @Cigar_G’s stoop, many a evenings, enjoying one of the countless premium cigars from his own stash, BPB Cigars went from a concept, to a business plan to reality in under a year. But why did that happen? Think about it, how many times you have sat down with your friends and had a similar conversation over a cigar and a drink “You know, we should (insert idea here).” Few of us have the fortitude to wake up the next day and make it happen.

To know how it happened is a story for another day, to know why BPB Cigars happened is to understand who @Cigar_G is outside of the Twitterverse. I met @Cigar_G over 20 years ago and like many best friends; we have shared enough experiences, both good and bad, to form a bond that has stood the test of time. Here is the good news, that man you read on Twitter is the same person I hang out with every week; funny, outgoing, caring and proud father/husband. It’s as real as it gets. For those who know him, starting BPB is a natural extension of who he is; just an average guy with an above average passion for cigars and an even greater passion for quality. From his first cigar till before BPB was even a concept, @Cigar_G was determined to do everything he could to learn more about one of our favourite past-times. From trying every different cigar he could to visiting countless websites to read up on what the recent trends were. To make the right cigar and build the proper experience, one has to become part of the culture. It is here that he was able to make contacts with some of the bigger players in the industry and leverage their knowledge and experience to create BPB Cigars. So why has @Cigar_G and his partners started BPB? Not to compete in an established industry with some already great brands but to build within an industry he loves so much, a cigar with a unique experience.


So join in on the adventure and become part of the story. BPD is not just a brand, it is everyone’s brand. Experience a BPB cigar with your friends, family and co-workers and let’s all invest in life’s moments together. Follow me at @Random_Mic and keep it fresh.

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Just a guy living up to the name, BOTL, wine and cognac fan, novice cigar smoker, dog lover, old school rap and Adidas. I’m the guy who catches you picking your nose, then just winks at ya.

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  1. It’s a pleasure smoking with you too. No half steppin.

  2. Very well put Random_Mic. As the other guy in the pic on this post, I too have spent many a night hanging out with @Cigar_G on his patio and indulging in a fine cigar! I have also known @Cigar_G for close to two decades and I can definitely corroborate everything Random_Mic has said about @Cigar_G’s character and personality. He is a man with the utmost integrity, he is loyal to a fault to his family and friends and fiercely passionate about everything that is true to him. In my past experiences the most successful people I have met are the ones that pursue their passion and that is definitely what @Cigar_G has done with BPB Cigars and why I know this venture will be a success.
    As a novice cigar smoker, @Cigar_G introduced me to the true, full experience of enjoying a cigar. Having three very young children, my life is quite hectic and my spare time is limited, however one of my favorite things to do with that precious spare time is to spend it enjoying a cigar with friends. It is a time to forget about all the pressures in life and to share good times with friends. It truly is an experience and I cherish the memories from those times.

    I am looking forward to sharing many more good times over a Reunión and a glass of RM XO!
    Very proud of you buddy and I have all the confidence in the world you guys will be successful at sharing your passion with the world. Glad to be part of the BPB community!

  3. Well written, brother. I can speak from the middle group here. I haven’t know him for decades, but I know him as more than just the cigar Twitter celeb. Having hung out in person a few times, and multiple conversations off of Twitter about everything from cigars to our fathers, I can truly agree with you. He’s the same guy online and offline.

    I’m honored to call him a friend.

  4. I’ve never met you G, but I love you. You are the man!

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