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The Bourbon Corner

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014

A while ago I was asked to contribute to a bourbon page on this site. Needless to say, that has not happened as frequently as initially intended. My apologies. I was thinking about this as I was walking up #15 at the golf course I play at in Vancouver, BC. It was foggy and rainy and I was thinking that the only thing that would temporary warm me up was a glass or two of bourbon. I started going over the bottles that I had recently bought instead of thinking about golf (oddly enough this coincided with a string of birdies). So here we go.


Old Scout

old This one has a bit of a back-story. I happened to be down in Seattle for one of my beloved Seahawks’ games (get over it, they’re awesome) and popped into an amazing store called Wine World on the way home. I immediately B-lined it to the whiskey section, the U.S. has a WAY better collection than Canada, and a massive wall of different Bourbon’s I had either never seen in person or never heard of confronted me. After a long discussion I decided on this bourbon. I got it home and immediately cracked it open and to be honest, it was kind of a letdown. It was far too light on the palate; I didn’t get much of a hit of anything. If anything there was very faint taste of caramel mixed with an ever so slight hint of pepper. There really wasn’t much to this one. Not worth the money.


Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

taylorThis one is a find! I happened to walk into the liquor store to buy some beer, and as per tradition, I did a little fly buy of the bourbon section and spotted this one. This bottle is fantastic. Col. Taylor has a delicious soft butterscotch and licorice flavor combination, but just enough that you can taste it, definitely not overpowering. It has a fantastic finish of mild spice and perhaps even a hint of tobacco. You want this one!!


Blanton’s Gold Edition

bourbonNow if you think Col. Taylor got a good review, move outta the way! This, undoubtedly, is one of, if not my favourite bourbon. My girlfriend originally got this for me as a gift and I’m sad to say it has since been emptied. This bottle opens with a nose of honey and fruitiness. The taste of this bourbon is just fantastic; it has a chocolate flavour initially, that moves on to a smooth leather and tobacco finish. It’s simple, its tasty and it’s beautiful. I really can’t say anything but good things about it.

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Growing up, Jackson was often encouraged to endeavor in his passions no matter what the investment; time, cash or otherwise. Now working at one of Canada's leading investment firms, he still enjoys the finer hobbies of his youth: golf, road biking and now bourbon and cigars. With a bourbon and whiskey experience ranging form two continents and hundreds of bottles from the common Jack Daniels to his prized George T. Stagg and Macallan "Ruby".

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  1. Blanton’s is definately a favorite of mine as well. If you are looking for another interesting bourbon you need to try Angels Envy. Considered a kentucky straight bourbon that spends its last months in a port wine barrel.

    • That’s also a good one. I’m sure I will throw it one of these pieces soon enough. Blanton’s and Angel’s Envy were the two that I suggested for your opening night.

  2. I’m a fan of Blanton’s as well. I’ll have to be on the lookout for the gold edition.

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