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The Grand Experiment Continues

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014

The other day I saw a post on twitter that read “You blame the manufacturer. You blame the retailer, BUT sometimes you have no one else to blame but yourself! So own it! Keep your Humidor ‘in Season’.”

As many of you know, in February, my wife and I moved cross-country from Phoenix, Arizona to Central New York.  The move was a challenge but oddly enough my biggest concern was my humidor and how the contents would survive the trip.

Phoenix was a struggle with maintaining the humidor at 70%-75%.  I tried everything from humidifiers soaked in Propylene Glycol, to Ciguardian to Boveda Packs, 2 or 3 in my small 50 count desktop, and I was even re-seasoning the humidor every 45-60 days.  All this and I was barely able to maintain 60-65%. And to be blunt it drove me bat sh*t crazy!

During the 3000 mile drive my humidor was on the front seat next to me. Yes House of Emilio helped me survive this trip.

JR Weigand travel

When I would stop for the night my humidor went into the hotel room with me. When I arrived, in Auburn, my humidor was kept in the office at the Citizen.  About week after we moved into the new house I brought the humidor home.

I cannot stress how hard it is to find a good B & M in Central NY. Not only have I run out of Boveda packs but my cigar inventory is dwindling down.  I was advised that not keeping a humidor fully stocked can be the root cause of an unstable humidor.  With the IPCPR just coming to a close restocking will be forthcoming.  I have a strong loyalty to my friends; Vartan, Sam, JB, Rick and Paul who own shops in Phoenix so ordering online is out of the question. A simple phone call will suffice.

You may remember a post, a few months back, about having the pleasure of meeting Carmen D’Angelo.  Carmen is the owner D’Angelo Cigars in Waterloo, NY and the D’Angelo Santana Plantation in Tamboril, Dominican Republic.  He gave me a small piece of Spanish cedar, or Teakwood as he called, allegedly from his aging room in the Dominican Republic and told me to soak it in distilled water and place it on top of my cigars in the humidor.  Initially I called BS on this methodology.

So about two months ago my supply of Boveda packs ran out! I went into panic mode. So I decided to give ol Carmen’s method another try. I removed the cigars from the humidor, lightly misted the interior with distilled water and I soaked the teak wood for a good 24 hours.  I also added a shot glass filled with distilled water.

JR Weigand humidor

Each week I check the hydrometer. Every once in a while I’ll add distilled water to the shot glass and on occasion soak the wood for a good 12 hours and lightly mist the lid with distilled water. I’ve been doing this since about late May and months my humidor has stayed in the 72-75% range and has not once dropped below 68%. Furthermore I have not experienced any construction issues and the burn on my cigars has been damn near perfect.

The grand experiment continues. Let the restocking commence.


Photos courtesy of JRWeigand.


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