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Top 10 Cigars of 2013

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.05.31 PMThis took me a few days to finalize! There were so many great blends brought to the market this year, and as a cigar fan, I want to say thank you, and great job to all of those in the premium cigar industry who make my passion possible.

Now, take a look at my Top 10! I think you’ll find this list to be different from most other bloggers lists. Leave some comments. Do you agree? Disagree? What would you chose for your Top 10 or Top 5?


I’ve smoked multiple sticks of each of these cigars. Some I’ve reviewed for the site, and some I haven’t put up yet. Each stick has been, or will be reviewed by early 2014.


10) Camacho Connecticut

I’m sort of cheating with this pick. This year, Camacho cut their blends from eleven to six, and four of the six are new blends, or tweaked blends. The Connecticut blend did not change, other than its new band, bold look. I love this Connecticut so much that I’m including its new look as a new cigar! This is not your typical Connecticut. It starts off spicy, and then it begins to taste like what you would expect; creamy, nutty and elegant. The cigar switches up and finishes with the spice that introduced itself in the beginning. If you’re not typically a Connecticut fan, give this one a shot.


9) Nat Sherman 1930

Spice, coffee and chocolate. The Nat Sherman 1930 continues to move Nat Sherman up the ladder of my favorite cigar brands. This is a medium to full bodied smoke, and I think it rivals the smoking experience of the Nat Sherman Timeless.


8) Viva Republica Rapture

Folks, we have ourselves a cigar! This stick started out mild and earthy. Not too much going on in the beginning, but halfway through it really picked up. This is a sweet, strong medium to full bodied cigar, boasting flavors of pepper, sweet sugar and dried fruits.


7) Brickhouse Maduro Robusto

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Brickhouse. There are very few cigars I like to pair with my morning coffee more than one of the original Brickhouse blends. Some mornings, however, I like something that’s still creamy and tasty but with more punch, and the Brickhouse Maduro Robusto delivers just that! I know  there are quite a bit of mild to medium bodied cigars on this list, but when you love smoking first thing in the morning like I do, the lighter sticks really do the trick!


6) Alec Bradley Nica Puro

I’ve never been a huge AB fan, but I first got my hands on these this past spring, and I never turn down an opportunity to try a new cigar. When I first reviewed it, I was very impressed with it’s flavor, but I felt like it was teasing me with it’s strength. I was expecting more. The more sticks I smoked, however, made me appreciate the teasing. After all, what’s better than any product that leaves you wanting more?


5) Crowned Heads JD Howard Reserve

Seriously folks, is it possible for Crowned Heads to make a bad cigar? I think not. This is easily my favorite of their blends. It boasts flavors of dark baking chocolate, pepper and a touch of cinnamon. It’s got punch, but won’t knock you on your ass. I really enjoy this cigar.


4) Hermosa Cigars

Most of you are familiar with my love affair with Hermosa cigars. It’s nutty, creamy, smooth and consistent. I’ve smoked so many of these bad boys, and I rarely had to touch one up. Up front you’re hit with spice, and then the cigar mellows out and then you just ride it out consistent and delicious until it’s all gone. Then you light up another!


3) San Cristobal Revelation

I really enjoy the San Cristobal and the San Cristobal Elegencia. The Revelation is the full bodied brother to the two. It’s got strong black pepper up front that goes away only to reappear in the final third. The middle is earthy and of medium strength.


2) Bodega Premium Blends – Reunión Aperitivo

I’m going to acknowledge up front, and put an end to the shouts of “bias” here. Yes, I first tried this cigar less than a month ago. No, it’s not yet available in B&M’s. Yes, I am personally friends with the owners of the company, and finally – yes, I write for their website. This ranking has nothing to do with any of that, and once you get your hands on this stick (SOON!) you will understand why I ranked it so high. The Aperitivo (review coming very soon) is a medium bodied flavor bomb. It’s perfect for morning smokers, those who prefer an afternoon smoke, or those who like an after dinner smoke that won’t make you sleepy or upset your stomach. The Aperitivo is going to be one of my every day smokes. You’ll soon feel the same.


1) Tortuga 215 Reserva

At the time of this writing I have smoked almost a full box of the Reserva, and each one was better than the last. Smoking one is an experience that all cigar geeks must have. This is a box worthy cigar through and through, and comes highly recommended by 2GR. I expect the 215 Reserva to be on many top 10 lists in the near future. Smoke it. Experience it. Love it like I did.

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DK is a born and raised Philadelphian. Creator of the 2gentlemenreview.com. Lover of cigars, Hamm's beer, the Flyers and Phillies. DK is an amateur Rock’N’Roll historian with a focus on early rhythm and blues and 1950’s vocal groups. When he grows up, he wants to be a writer.

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  1. Great list DK. Thank you for including us on it. I need to give the Hermosa a try.

  2. Thanks, fella. You’ll enjoy it. It would be perfect for when you guys are going to have two or three cigars. Starting off with that, then moving to Aperitivo then to Digestivo would work just fine!

  3. Honored to be on your list! It’s a good feeling that you enjoyed the Aperitivo. Great ash in that pic btw. Hope you were pulled over when you took that shot ;-)

  4. I was at a red light for that one. However, I was not stopped moments later when I sent G a picture of me giving him the finger for calling me names. He can be so mean, and foul sometimes.

    The spot on my list is deserving, Rob!

  5. DK I echo my brothers’ comments. We’re proud and honoured. Now the big question: Will you keep trying to pair that extensive list of fine creations with aged Rum?

    • You can bet on it, Ron. I’m really having fun researching and trying different rums. Bourbon is taking a back seat for now. I hope it doesn’t feel too neglected.

      • The funny things is, I switched from mostly rum to mostly bourbon after a while because I just simply couldn’t find anything that beat Ron Zacapa Centenario, and I wasn’t experiencing anything new. Bourbon is a whole other world though. If you haven’t tried Zacapa yet, make sure you do. You won’t be disappointed, except maybe by the fact that it will end your quest for the world’s best rum.

        • I will give it a try. I know my bourbon well enough to know it will be there after my run experiment.

  6. Great List! My Top 13 of 13 has some of the same selections!
    Long Ashes

    • Scott, is that list up on you’re site?

  7. Look at the Camacho sneaking in there as always a solid go to cigar. Crowned Heads is becoming one of my favorite brands as well. Excellent list and I am always amazed at how many cigars I haven’t tried on others top lists.

  8. It felt good sneaking the Camacho in there. That’s my favorite part about December — making a list of all the cigars I didn’t try!

    • Sometimes that ‘Didn’t Try’ list becomes bigger than wanted. It grows so much every year especially with all the smaller / boutique companies throwing out such awesome smokes.

  9. Man, I don’t have many of those available here. I’m going to have to hunt most of these down. My friend at my local shop keeps telling me the Camacho Conny is a good cigar. Guess I’ll have to see for myself!

  10. It’s very good. Not your typical Connecticut. Throws off the tastebuds.

  11. ive tried a few on this list and i must say i really like the Hermosa

    • Garry, the Hermosa is a winner! Scott has so much potential to break out in this industry.

      • Bro, let me know where I can pick up some Hermosa Cigars. Me and the Bodega crew want to give them a try.

        • Contact Scott de la Peña on Twitter. He’s got them.

          That’s the best way.

  12. As these cigars are not sold where I live, I absolutely don’t know them.
    So DK, your mission is to find a way to make me discover them ;)

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