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Try These Amazing Coffee Beers Today

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016

Coffee beer from the Barrington Coffee Roasters-Trillium Brewing collaboration.


Coffee and beer together sounds fantastic in an almost forbidden way.  Can two such great things coexist in one form?  They can, and the article below provides links to some of the best ones available today.

For example, this description of Hardywood beer sounds incredible:

Part of Hardywood’s exclusive barrel series, this limited production imperial stout takes the original sidamo to a whole new level. First it’s aged in bourbon barrels for 12 weeks. Then it’s conditioned with sidamo coffee from local Lamplighter Roasting Company. This combo gives the beer a deep dark color. It also provides hints of chocolate and blueberry flavor from the coffee and a subtle whiskey taste you get from the angel’s share in the aging process.

Follow the link below for more.


Photo credit to Dina Rudick/Boston Globe

via http://www.mademan.com/try-these-amazing-coffee-beers-today/

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