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What Christmas Dinner Looks like Around the World

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015

What Christmas Dinner Looks like Around the World


We’re used to our turkey and gravy and pie and mashed potatoes, but around the world this time of year, Christmas meals are incredibly different.  Think about reindeer on your plate for Christmas.  While we’re sure it’s delicious, it must lead to interesting conversation about Santa.

In Mexico, their feasts include:

Because turkey is indigenous to Mexico, it is typically the main dish served with mole, a sauce made of ground chilies. The meal is finished off with buñuelos, a fried dessert similar to a tostada that is sprinkled with sugar. After eating, you make a wish and throw your plate on the ground to bring good luck to the next year.


Photo credit to Saveur

via http://spoonuniversity.com/live/what-christmas-dinner-looks-like-around-the-world/

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