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Where to Celebrate the 4th of July

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016


If the option of traveling is there for the 4th of July, why not take advantage?  We love the backyard barbecue, the outdoor park with the fireworks, and hanging out with friends with a beer ourselves, but we’ve always been curious: apart from your own backyard, where are the best places to celebrate Independence Day?

For the historically minded, Philadelphia may be one of the best options:

What better way to start a tour of excellent places to celebrate July 4th than in the city where the country was born? Philadelphia’s festivities run from morning into the night, and include a parade through the historic city center and a concert on the Parkway. Got a few days in Philly? Tour national landmarks like Independence Hall to really get an appreciation for the holiday. The city’s fireworks display is over the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is a reminder that this is the city that gave rise to another independent spirit.

More travel options for your consideration below.


Photo credit to Viator.

via http://travelblog.viator.com/where-to-celebrate-the-4th-of-july/

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