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Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company?

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016


Most of the car companies that exist now have existed for years, with the exception of Tesla, which was founded by someone with a huge public profile.  With the advent of driverless cars though, who will rush to the forefront, a new company or an existing one who capitalizes on this opportunity?  As the article linked below explains:

Automakers, technology companies, and ambitious startups all agree that this transformation isn’t just headlines and hype, but inevitable. Every person I interviewed for this article deliberately pointed out that, no, really—this is happening. Even regulators are onboard. “We’ve got a clock ticking,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told Reuters in April. “This technology is coming. Ready or not, it’s coming.”

Who do you think will become a new industry leader?


Photo credit to Ford Motors.

via http://fortune.com/self-driving-cars-silicon-valley-detroit/

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